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Terms & Conditions

RPL Weddings (“RPL”) will always endeavour to be as flexible as possible – we are aware there is a lot to organise for a wedding and our aim is to provide you with a beautiful record of your memories. We take your wedding DVD very personally and want you to be happy with the results!

We would, however, like to clarify a few elements of our packages and scheduling, and contingencies for changes, so that it’s clear what you can expect and what we require in order to give you the best possible service. We are always willing to discuss with you any questions or issues you may wish to raise.

RPL Weddings offer different video production packages, details of which can be found on their website or via discussion with RPL Weddings staff. While our website,, describes the features of each of our wedding packages, the details can be finalised via email or meeting/s with Director, Mike Stark or other authorised member of RPL Weddings.

Receipt of a deposit from a wedding couple constitutes acceptance of the package details and these terms and conditions. RPL will be flexible up to the wedding date and will discuss/confirm any additional services or changes to packages and any costs associated with those changes or additions.

Payment Schedule, Postponement and Cancellation

A non-refundable deposit of £200 is required to secure a booking for videography on a wedding date. The outstanding balance must be paid four weeks prior to the wedding date.

In circumstances where the wedding is postponed from the original booked date, RPL will retain monies paid and provide services on the changed wedding date. We must, however, allow for any clashes with other bookings due to the change in date and, in the event we incur additional costs because of this, we do reserve the right to pass these costs onto you. This situation is unlikely; but we do need to allow for the possibility, especially during peak times.

Where the postponement is longer than a reasonable period of time (i.e. a substantial period of time after the original date), RPL reserves the right to charge the package price at the time of the new wedding date, not the price of the package at the original booking date. This will be at the sole discretion of RPL Weddings.

Where more monies have been paid than the initial deposit and the wedding is postponed indefinitely or cancelled, RPL reserve the right to retain the deposit and a percentage of the additional amount paid. Where only the deposit has been paid and any balances are still due, cancellations within 3 months will result in 50% of the total package price being due and cancellations within 1 month will result in 100% of the total package price being due. RPL reserves the right to refund all monies in certain circumstances at the sole discretion of RPL Weddings.

In the event that RPL Weddings is unable to perform the services paid for by the wedding couple, RPL will endeavour to source a replacement service. In the event that an unavoidable occurrence on the wedding day prevents RPL Weddings from attending or fully providing services paid for by the wedding couple that is beyond the control of either of the contracting parties, RPL will retain the deposit but refund all other monies paid. This includes (but is not limited to) vehicle accidents, violence or other criminal activity by a third party, extreme weather conditions, police or military action et cetera. (With regards to extreme weather, we have contingency plans and processes in place to ensure continuation of service regardless of the weather as far as possible. For weddings in certain areas of Scotland, however, it may simply not be possible to get our camera operators to your venue. This has never been the case to date.)

Working with your Venue

RPL Weddings has worked with a wide variety of venues and wedding officiators over the years. There are certain venues where we will recommend a particular package or technical solutions that will ensure your wedding content is as perfect as possible, both in terms of audio and visual content.

In some instances, however, some wedding officiators and/or venues aren’t as accommodating as might be hoped with regards to placement of microphones or cameras. We always aim to be as unobtrusive as possible and will always work with your venue and other suppliers for the best possible outcome for your day and your content. We have not, to date, had any issues that we haven’t been able to work around, however, we would simply ask that you be aware that there are sometimes constraints on our operators from third parties.

Video Messages

Video messages are an optional addition to any wedding package. When these are booked, please note that it is up to the Bride and Groom to have them announced – previous examples have included announcements made by the Wedding Co-ordinator, the MC, the Best Man or the Bride/Groom themselves. RPL will work with your venue to set up an area for video messages to be filmed and will politely ask guests if they would like to leave a video message. In no circumstances will RPL staff pressure people into leaving a message. It is the responsibility of the wedding party to ensure guests are made aware and participate in video messages. If it then transpires that no video messages are left, this will not result in a refund from RPL.

Editing and Scheduling

RPL will endeavour to edit your content within the shortest time possible after your wedding has taken place. This can take between 10 – 12 weeks, depending on peak times. Once RPL have sent your initial edit, we will make changes as requested (within reason), as we want you to be completely happy with your wedding content. Once you have authorised the final version of your wedding content, we will issue all other copies to you. We reserve the right to remove files from our systems after 6 months following your wedding date. Should we not receive final confirmation of your final edit within 3 months, and having tried to contact you via every contact available to us, it will take us longer to finalise your edit. We will keep the original video footage of your wedding for a year; in the event that we have been unable to finalise all copies of your content.. In this event, any changes to your content may incur a cost. We will endeavour to do everything we can to ensure you are happy with your content, however, this will become harder to achieve after the periods specified above. Sneak Peek edits will be turned around withing 3 working days of your wedding date and will include content selected by RPL Weddings.

Postage & Packaging

Physical copies of your content (USB,DVD & Blu-Ray) are subject to postage and packaging charges. This cost is covered for UK mainland delivery only via Royal Mail First Class Recorded method as a single package. International shipping costs will be subject to appropriate individual costs and will be the responsibility of the recipient.